Trenton Dierkes – Hiking Tips – Planning

Trenton Dierkes is a professional factory worker who has been in the glass manufacturing field for many years now. Aside from his job though, he loves the great outdoors, including going on hikes with his friends and family. Hiking can be a fun and engaging experience when done right, but also dangerous if not respected. Hiking has been compared to painting a house, as it is a process that requires as much planning and preparation as it does the actual act itself. That is why if you are looking to have a fun and engaging hiking trip with no hiccups, you need to learn a few planning tips and tricks to avoid any issues.

Trenton DierkesAn important safety protocol you should use as you prepare for your hike is to let trusted friends and family members who aren’t coming know where you will be hiking. You should also let them know what time you will be back. This will not only help keep your house safe while you are gone, but in the event that you get lost in the wilderness, the people you told will be able to report it as quickly as possible, increasing your chances for a prompt rescue.

When preparing for a hike, you should also always plan ahead where you will camp every night, and what part of the trail you will travel during the day. This will make it much easier for a rescue team to pinpoint your location in the event that you become lost.

Trenton Dierkes advises proper planning before going hiking.