Trenton Dierkes – Rock Climbing Strategies

Trenton Dierkes may be a factory worker at a glass manufacturing plant, but he doesn’t let that stop him from being the best rock climber he can be. He is passionate about the climb, which is why he is always on the lookout for new tips and strategies to make his climb steadier and faster. If you enjoy rock climbing too, and wish to improve your technique, you might be surprised how much of a difference a few simple strategies can make on your overall performance. By studying up and perfecting a few tips from the pros, you can go further faster, and continue to grow and challenge yourself as a rock climber. One important factor to improve your climbing skills is working on the strength of your grip.

Trenton DierkesBeing a good rock climber isn’t just about clinging to each hand hold as had as possible. In fact, when gripping, you should relax, applying only as much pressure as necessary. This is because over-gripping can rapidly wear out your forearms, and rock climbing is often an endurance game. Proper gripping can be an overlooked strategy in rock climbing, as only a few climbers bother giving it a second thought. More advanced climbers however, know that muscles involved in your grip are usually the first ones to give out in a climb. So if you can improve your overall grip strength, as well as learn when and how much grip to apply, you can go further than ever before.

Trenton Dierkes is an amateur rock climber that tries to develop his grip strength.