Trenton Dierkes – Industrial Glass Manufacturing

Trenton Dierkes is a man that has been working in the glass manufacturing industry for many years now. Glass has many applications, including commercial, decorative, and industrial uses. Glass has a place in individual homes, as well as massive corporations and factories. An important part of how glass has affected humanity is its use in industry. Glass become first used as a building material in the mid-1800s when The Crystal Palace was built by a man named Joseph Paxton. This awe-inspiring and revolutionary construct inspired many other architects to use glass and glass materials for horticultural and domestic design. Part of this new architectural triumph was due to better manufactured plate-glass, which was stronger and more durable than other glass. This process was created by James Hartley, who used a cylinder method in order to produce sheets of glass.

Trenton DierkesAnother important step forward for industrial glass production was the introduction of automated glass-making systems. One such system was created by an engineer by the name of Henry Bessemer. His system involved producing a continuous ribbon of flat glass by running molten glass through rollers. Though this was a faster process, it was also much more expensive, as the surface of the glass still required polishing when cooled.
All of the modern advancements in glass-making that are enjoyed today, are the result of brilliant and hard-working engineers and scientists from the past. Mass production and the industrialization of the world has made glass an easily obtainable material with many different useful applications.

Trenton Dierkes is a part of the industrial glass production process.