Trenton Dierkes – Modern Glass Production

Trenton Dierkes is a factory worker that has been working in a glass manufacturing plant in the Oregon area for several years now. Glass and the production of it is something that has been evolving over the years since it began over 5000 years ago. Modern glass production is quite different from its ancient counterparts, but still uses the same basic principles. One important advancement in glass manufacturing was the introduction of a technique that involved adding lead oxide to molten glass. The advantage of this process helped improve the overall appearance of the glass. This also had the added benefit of making the glass have a lower melting point.

Trenton Dierkes

Trenton Dierkes

The process of adding lead oxide to molten glass was one discovered by a man named George Ravenscroft. It was this technological advancement that helped create crystal glassware. It was Ravenscroft’s financial resources allowed for his to shape the new era of glass-making, as he revolutionized the industry. This new technique would also allow England to overcome Venice as the main producer and trader of glass products in the industry.

Glass manufacturing and production was molded again by history in the mid-1700s when the British Government imposed a tax on flint glass. However, instead of reducing the lead content of glass being produced at the time, a new innovation occurred where the glass became thinner, more heavily decorated, smaller, and with hollow stems. The new delicate ware was very popular.

Trenton Dierkes is a glass factory worker very familiar with the production process.