With millions of users from all over the globe, all of whom are potential customers to a business, Twitter is fertile ground for the social media-savvy entrepreneur. However, not all small business owners get how Twitter works. Many are lone rangers who traverse the Twitterverse with limited knowledge of how to tap into the advertising potential.

In truth, a little savviness is required when it comes to all social media, not just Twitter. The following tips should help you use the platform for reaching potential customers.

Connections matter

Thanks to Twitter’s search bar, you can quickly get versed with the kind of topics your target customer would be interested in. Active Twitter users will talk about various aspects of their lives, making the platform a database full of helpful information.
If you own a bed company, searching keywords such as “bad back” or “bad sleep” will pull up tweets that you can narrow down to potential customers.

Have a personality

The successful business accounts on Twitter have something in common – they’ve developed a personality on the platform. More to just self-promotion, your tweets should demonstrate your quirky and witty side that people will appreciate.

Strategy is important

With thousands of tweets fired out every hour, your message can get lost in all the fast-paced action. The key is to have a clear strategy that ensures you communicate with customers on a regular basis. Establish an editorial calendar that allows you to tweet about events, products, services and blogs that you wish people to see.

Trenton Dierkes is a former business consultant with more than a decade of experience consulting and advising small firms and businesses.