You don’t require the experience of a MotoGP technician to perform simple repairs on your bike. Simply having the right tools and some wisdom is all you require to keep the bike in working conditions. Properly servicing your motorcycle is a key part to longevity and may be the difference between a smooth, safe ride and a trip to the emergency room.

Obviously, the much complex aspects of maintenance like the engine require a trained eye to handle. The following areas, on the other hand, are easy to check.

Tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure on your bike should be done weekly. The tires are some of the most important parts of the bike, but many people forget to check on them.

Underinflated tires make the bike harder to control while overinflated ones can also affect handling and lead to reduced friction with the road. This can result in difficult braking.

When checking the tire pressure, always have a quality pressure gauge.


The battery on a motorcycle isn’t always easy to access, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Just like tires, the battery should be checked on a weekly basis. Place the battery on a level surface to check the acid level. If the level is low, top up with distilled water before recharging the battery.


Unless you don’t have the time, regularly cleaning the bike will help maintain its look. Use a sponge to wash the body and a soft brush for the complex bits. Avoid using washing-up liquid as it might corrode the parts.

Trenton Dierkes is an experienced motorcycle owner and rider who regularly holds bike maintenance clinics for young riders in his community.