The Grand Canyon is a marvel of nature and one of the most spectacular hiking destinations for any hiker. The rugged terrain offers plenty of challenges and requires a lot of build up to conquer successfully. If you are looking to hike the Canyon, the following tips should help your efforts.

Proper planning

The difference between a hiking trip for the ages and a trip to the local emergency room boils down to proper planning. The Grand Canyon will test your decision making, stamina, and preparation. Proper planning is required. Know where you want to go and the route to take. Know where to get water. Learn the weather patterns of the area.

Know your limits

You will hike in hot, humid conditions in high elevation with a steep climb expected at the end of the day. Anyone who’s ever hiked in the Canyon will tell you it’s not easy the first time.
If you have an existing health condition or any medical issues, limit the amount of effort you put on the body and exposure to the heat. The elevation, steep climb, and humidity will test your limits, so stay within your capabilities.

Be light

The heaviest items in your backpack should be water and food. Aim to hike as light as possible. Bring a flashlight (with a change of batteries), hiking sticks (to ease the pressure on your legs), sunscreen and sunglasses, a map, first aid kit, and signal mirror.

Lastly, walk at a pace that allows you to talk, says Trenton Dierkes. If you can’t carry on a conversation while hiking, you are pushing yourself.